Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Today's the day!

 Hello . . . 

Thank you for all your notes and cards after the loss of our dear Lacy Lu.
My heart still aches for her soft blue eyes, her wet nose and silken paws.
She will be forever missed.

I HAVE been working even tho I've been quiet and I'm excited to announce something special!
For a long time I've wanted to open an online store to sell kits, simple supplies and "what-have-yous".
Today is the day and it will be launched at 2pm EST!
Come check it out.

I will also have a small update of original finished works on:
Sunday, June 18th @ 8pm EST.
(Original works will still be sold on the "Gallery" page of my blog)
I hope you can join me!

* * * * 
More exciting news!
We have a new addition to the family ~ Please meet:
Miss Abbey Lane!
(Oh how Lacy would have loved her!)
Abbey is a Mini Bernedoodle ~ (Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix)
We hope she is a little gentler on Michael's allergies, but no matter what, he's (we are) smitten!
She is not a replacement for Miss Lacy, but one to remind us to continue on and love another as we did her!
(Oh, in these pics she'd just gotten out of the "Puppy pool" !

Hugs all round!
Lori Ann, The Mister and Abbey Lane too!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sometimes we grow quiet . . . .

There are times in our lives that overwhelm us and the best way to heal is to grow quiet.

Some of you may remember that husband had his shoulder replaced on the cusp of the new year, then not long after my mother fell. It was during these challenges that Lacy began getting sick off and on as well.
We did our best with everyone. Michael is doing well and has great moth in and strength back. Mother, after hospitals, rehab and another hospitalization is healthy and back at home with her little daschund "Fritz" awaiting her 94ht. birthday on June 3rd!
But . . .  try as we did with our hearts, souls and lovely vet, Lacy kept getting weaker and sicker.
She was at minimum 15.5 years old and could have been up to 17 ~ She was a rescue so we never knew her true birthday.
She was not always an easy dog. She was very protective of us and our home, but once in her "fold" ~ she loved you.

We will give our hearts to another ~ Lacy would want us to share "her" home as she knew is was a good, happy and safe one.  She knows too, that a furry face and little paws will soak up the tears and help us heal.

In her honor we will plant a pink dogwood tree in the garden.
Peace, Our dear one . . . 

On work:
When life is stressful, creativity does not come easily and often not at all.

I have managed to enjoy my teaching events. The From Our Hands Creative was amazing in it's new local and another teaching event with a stitcher's guild was lovely.
It was good for me to get out of a "too quiet" house and not think sad thoughts.
I am working together back on track in the studio and hope to bring to life a few spring pieces.
I'm an optimist at heart, so I know the sadness will subside and as it does a bit of creativity will emerge.
As in the garden , a bit of sunshine would help things along!

My hope is to have  new offerings for you in a few weeks.

Lori Ann

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A little behind . . . .

Hello everyone!

Please join me for an online show of Spring Friends . . .
Tuesday evening ~ April, 4th.
8pm EST

To be held on the "Gallery" page of this blog.
For those of you new to my blog . . .

Yep ~ sums it up!
"The hurrier I go . . . the behind I get"
I've always loved this quote from Alice In Wonderland.
It seems to define much of my life, but especially the last year and a half.

For those of you new to this blog, thank you &  here's the quick run down.  ~ 15 months ago I broke my leg very badly,  ( ) so of course much of 2015 was a wash, but I worked as much as I could.  ~ Just as I hit my year anniversary, husband needed to have a shoulder replacement.  (He's doing great!)
During that time my 93 year old mother fell and we had to attend to getting her back up and running.
Mother has been doing wonderfully and is happy to be back home, but we did have another hiccup with a 4 day hospitalization for her last week.
(But again ~ she's home & doing great!)
Needless to say . . . . I'm "BEHINDER" than ever.
I'd hoped for an online show last Wednesday - Nope!
Then I'd hoped for Sunday ~ Nope!
BUT . . .
I WILL be ready for Tuesday evening!!
(Fingers and toes crossed please)

(Oh yes . . .  and the From Our Hands Retreat is coming up in about 3 weeks!)

On a good note . . . I saw my leg surgeon on Thursday and 
I'm done ~ released ~ graduated ~ YIPPEE
A few bits to still work on, but as great as he was we are happy to have one less Dr. on the schedule right now!

Stay healthy!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's Wild Hare Wednesday

Hello . . . it's been a while!
Today we have 3 Peeps and a Bun!
(Each priced separately and perfect for your Easter Basket!)

Should you like to purchase, please email:

#1 ~ Quite the fuzzy little peeper. 
Created from soft yellow wavy mohair this peep has thread jointed wings, 
bead eyes & a wool felt beak.
She is nestled atop an egg pincushion of antique pink sculpted velvet, trimmed 
with antique chenille and a vintage ribbon bow.
(The below photos show the velvet color much better!)
Aprox 6" x 4.5"

#2 ~ A Smaller Peeper
This little one is created from short soft yellow mohair with bead eyes and a wool felt beak.
She too is nestled atop an egg pincushion of antique pink sculpted velvet, trimmed 
with antique chenille and a vintage ribbon bow.
4.5" x 3.5"

#3 ~ A Wee Peeper
This Teeny one is created from short soft yellow mohair with bead eyes and a wool felt beak.
She too is nestled atop an egg pincushion of antique pink sculpted velvet, trimmed 
with antique chenille and a vintage ribbon bow.
4" x 3"

#4 ~ Not a Peeper!
A sweet little bunny of chocolate viscose. He has bead eyes, wool felt ears and a felted fluffy tail!
He is nestled atop an egg pincushion of antique pink sculpted velvet, trimmed 
with antique chenille and a vintage ribbon bow.
4.25" x 3.5"

Happy Spring to you!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yes, Another Wednesday . . .

Hello and thank you for popping by.
These Wednesdays just roll around so quickly it seems!

Please meet:
"I Have Your Heart"
A very sweet wee teddy of soft creamy/beige viscose.  He is about 6", fully jointed and wears 
a custom knit sweater vest and scarf.  Nicely weighted with steel shot to nestle into your hand.
 He carries a teeny stuffed woolen embroidered Valentine heart ~ just for you!
ship $7.00

Have a heartfelt day!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A January Wednesday . . .

Hello . . . 
Tho we've no snow on the ground ~ 
January still makes me dream
of soft winter whites.

Should you like to purchase today's offering, please email:

Willy Winter Heart
A sweet teddy of the softest "Winter White" ANTIQUE mohair.
Newer mohair is beautiful . . . but in my mind and hands, 
nothing can compete with a piece of fabric that has 
the softness of age and rarity to it!
Willy is about 11" long from heels to ears and is stuffed softly 
with steel shot for added weight. 
He wears a brown houndstooth hand dyed woolen scarf and carries
a very sweet pin keep of the same wool with attached stuffed heart!
ship $10.00

To Winter Dreams . . . 
Lori Ann

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hello Wednesday . . .

Thank you for popping by to view my first 
"Wild Hare Wednesday" of 2017.

Should you like to purchase please email:

Please meet the "Snowy Brothers"
Wee twins of soft creme mohair, dressed in their
matching custom knit sweater and scarf sets.
Each Teddy is 6" tall and is fully jointed and holds a wee felted snowball!
Nicely weighted with steel shot to nestle into your hand!
$175.00. EACH
ship $7.00
Please specify #1 OR #2
Snowy Brother #2
(His head was turned in the first photo :-)

Have a most lovely January and stay warm!
Lori Ann